From the company that invented the Inflatable Paintball Bunker



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If today, SUP'AIRBALL™ is the leader, it is the result of our advances in both the operating system and the manufacturing process. Made exclusively through high frequency induction, using the thickest fabric in the industry, our bunker systems are the sturdiest, but also the easiest to set up.

In addition to manufacturing paintball bunkers, we also manufacture a wide variety of inflatable products, like tents, target shooting ranges, chronograph stations, arenas, netting systems and advertising products.

We have been developing as well with partners, products for your park to optimize your business like:

  • - The Sup’air IPS Buzzer (An interactive play system).
  • A wireless sensory system which means that the public will easily accept the game and many of the additional options it offers. What is really innovative is the fact that we made it wireless, safe, user friendly, almost unbreakable and mobile.
  • - The Paintball tournament manager : A software for paintball competition management, judging and organizing, unlike any other products in the world.
  • - Accessories like the bazooka ball for your paintball guns to shoot foam balls.

At supairball, Passion meets innovation.