From the company that invented the Inflatable Paintball Bunker


All the major paintball tournaments are played on SUP'AIRBALL™ bunkers. A SUP'AIRBALL™ field at your site attracts competition players who wish to practice on the same fields they will play on the events.

The new players enjoy this game format ; the shapes and colors are highly appealing to the beginner. And the fact that the obstacles are inflatable reassures players that the equipment is safe.

This season SUP'AIRBALL™ diversifies and offers you even more choices to fit your needs.

Our bunkers are now classified under 5 Editions : Competition, Kids, Nerf, Archery & Tactical.

The Competition Edition includes our already famous NXLfiels, the official fields of the major paintball leagues, and a lower cost alternative the Tournament Series.

The Kids Edition a new range of inflatable bunkers dedicated to kids, made with our heavy duty fabric, very resistant and with a design especially for the kid’s imagination. These inflatable bunkers were designed as well for Paintball, Water Gun, Bazooka Ball, Nerf, Airsoft, Laser Games, Buzzer IPS.

The Nerf Edition is made of various bunkers shapes for the youngest kids.

The Archery Series is made as well with our heavy duty fabric (27oz), very resistant with our basic shapes: Aztec, Dorito, Brick, Cylinder, temple …

The Tactical Wall Series is the newest line of SUP'AIRBALL™ inflatable bunkers, manufactured with our heavy duty fabric (27oz), protected with a 22oz fabric. Designed for Paintball, Airsoft, Laser, Law enforcement and Military.

Once again the knowledge and unsurpassed quality of SUP'AIRBALL™ bunkers for a different crowd. Please your customers with easy to modify field layouts, safe bunkers and great designs. No more piles of old truck tires, rusty barrels and car wrecks that could be dangerous and endanger your business.

Be part of the future.