From the company that invented the Inflatable Paintball Bunker


For those who wish to draw attention with an impactful and safe outdoor space without any compromises.

Presentation SUPAIRBALL

The whole tent surface is fully printable in order to capture the attention of people

Unplug your event

Since is airtight, there is no need for a permanent electric connection. Simply inflate it by hand or electric pump in a few minutes.

Extreme safety

In comparison to metal structures tents, there are no dangerous rigid component.
Tente Tested for up to 80Km, it can withstand the most extremes conditions. The structure is very flexible and will keep those in the tent safe during strong winds. They are designed to bend and twist with the wind and back to its original shape.
Tente A wide range of shapes and sizes are available: Square, inclined, cube, spyder...