From the company that invented the Inflatable Paintball Bunker


Since Adrenaline Games first started manufacturing inflatable products in 1996, SUP'AIRBALL™ has grown to become the world's leading producer of inflatable paintball bunkers.


1996: Sup'airball™ released the 1st generation of inflatable paintball bunkers. It was airtight bunkers, somewhat like those we use today. They were made of thick tarpaulin, using high frequency soldering and vulcanization.
The first series didn't use bungees/stakes but were filled with water and air. The water base provided an easy way to set-up the bunkers anywhere and on any surface.

1997: The Sup'airball™ fields were first showcased at the 7MAN WORLD CUP in Toulouse, in July and at the World Cup in Orlando, few months after.
Sup'airball™ fields had such a huge success at both event that Extreme Rage (distribution company back then) in the USA and PowerGames in Europe started the distribution right away.

1998: After several tests, The Sup'airball™ bunkers were added tie-downs with bungees to anchor them to the ground and increase their stability. Convinced that the combination of tie-downs and free weight was the solution, Sup'airball™ added underneath pockets to allow not only water but any kind of weights being placed under the bunkers. Those bunkers were showcased at the 1998 7MAN WORLD CUP in Toulouse.
2 months after, at the Campaign Cup in England, another system was launched with a permanent air flow going through all the bunkers, called "fitting". That air flow allowed to use a lighted fabric and made it easier and lighter to move for tournament/league operators. The big debut was made the following month at the World Cup in Orlando, with an astonishing success.
One of the great innovations was even ripped or pierced by careless players, the structures would still stand up. The tubing system around the field delivering the continuous flow was also the boundaries of that field, making it easy for the players and the referees to see who was in or out.
With those 2 technologies (Airtight and Fitting), Adrenaline Games was able to supply all needs for inflatable paintball fields.

In 2000, Adrenaline Games launched The Sup'airball™ 2000. Always searching to create a better product, Sup'airball™ replaced the coating by a stronger material.

In 2001 two new products were launched: The Leisure kit and the Tubeless kit.
The Leisure kit was designed to offer a more affordable product, available to every site and every team wanting to train on Sup'airball™ .
The concept of this kit also enables the obstacles to be adapted to the space available.
The Tubeless kit is a new variant on the inflatable field. There are no more tubes. The obstacle is constantly filled with air via a mini fan. Set-up is easier, and the kit can be used anywhere, thanks to its 26-hour autonomy.

In 2002, in order to respond to all the needs of field operators, Adrenaline Games launched The Sup'airball™ and Xtrem'Air™.
Because the needs of field operators and tournament promoters had changed, Adrenaline Games used its long experience in manufacturing airtight obstacles to come up with new solutions that allowed for the manufacture of very strong obstacles. Essentially all the problems encountered in 1996 had been resolved or eliminated.

In 2004, Digital printing was launched.
Because the obstacles are a highly visual platform that can be sold as advertising space to sponsors seeking to promote their brand, in addition to screen printing (available since 1997), numeric printing was added as an option in 2004, allowing full color images to be used.

In 2006, Sup'airball™ released a new product, the Recreational Inflatable Paintball Bunker. Through Extreme Rage "Inflatafield", then Spyder "Performance Paintball Bunkers" and the "Tournament Paintball Training Bunkers", Sup'airball™ released its own line of Recreational bunkers. With large bunkers for less than $70 each, everyone can practice at an affordable price.

In 2007, because the needs of tournament and site operators are evolving, Sup'airball™ introduces its new HFI technology. Stronger bunkers at a cheaper price would sum it perfectly. Sup'airball™ will keep its 2 lines of products : Training Series and Tournament Series. The first one, for everyday practice and affordable price and the second one for leagues, commercial use or dedicated teams and still at an affordable price.

In 2008, Sup'airball™ introduced the Pro Series. Our new, top notch, heavy duty field.
Almost everything has been upgraded, from the tie-downs to the valves, re-positioned seams to move them from the most common shooting lanes, and we added our new and redesigned Stand Alone System that allows you to use your Pro Series bunkers without staking them down.

In 2009, to answer to the demand of our customers, Sup'airball™ released 3 new lines of products: the Jungle, Urban and Kids Series. Each dedicated to a specific type of game, with great artworks and cool shapes.

In 2013, The Tactical serie has been launched.
A product made of our thickest fabric with a revolutionnary printing process: The camo pattern is printed within the fabric for a virtually scratch free and fade resistant design.
The Tactical bunkers can be connected to one another with a Quick Connect System, for fast assembly and modularity, or be self-standing.

In 2014, SUP'AIRTOTEMS was released along with advertising inflatables products such as Arches.

In 2015, Sup'airball™ released The HD (heavy duty) product line.
The Heavy-Duty Series features stronger fabric (25oz) with reinforced welding. Re-engineered, heavy-duty tie downs. Reinforced valve covers to help protect against direct shots.

In 2016, the Animal Kids series is launched along with the IPS (interactive play system).
A new inflatable kids concept with a huge variety of games on the same field: Paintball, watergun, Bazouka ball, Nerf, Laser Tag, IPS…

In 2018, Tactical Walls dedicated to Paintball, Air soft, Laser, Law enforcement & Military are launched.
Made with our heavy duty fabric (25oz), protected with a 22oz fabric.
 Its double protection gives it an unequaled resistance and most importantly, it only needs one inflation per week.

In 2019, IPS HIT (Interactive Play System) is released along with Archery walls, Target shooting cage, Tablecovers…

In 2020, Supairball introduced the CITY OF GOLD field for Kids & teenagers and the CAGE, a mobile netting solution which can be set up everywhere & very quickly.
NAUTIC GATE was created and starts introducing buoys for Jet surf & boat racing

In 2022, THE MAZE, a perfect product for fun center, fairs, festivals, parks, school, rental companies…
ARCHERY WALL: A revolutionary inflatable WALL to capture arrows.

In 2023, Supairball is launching the Fluorescent products & Paintball netting.

In 2024 Supairball will introduce INFLATABLE TACTICAL with tanks, vehicules and new training Wall.

Our dedicated team has been playing Paintball at the highest level and has been setting up paintball fields for over 28 years.
Over the last few years Adrenaline Games has improved quality standards, released many new shapes, answered the demands of paintball park owners for targeted clientele and is still the partner of the best leagues all around the World.
At Sup'airball™, Passion meets Innovation.