From the company that invented the Inflatable Paintball Bunker

IPS BUZZER (An interactive play system)

Presentation SUPAIRBALL

The SUP’AIR IPS BUZZER edition is the basis for every game, the set can be combined with the light vests, bunkers, shooting cage, Arena, archery wall and all our previously designed products. And off course you can use this set in combination with your own objects or inflatables, the system works is an amazing add on to indoor playparks, attractions, you name it. Because the system is hit sensitive it is also possible to use the game in several sports & games like Paintball, Airsoft, soccer, football, basketball, bow and arrow, with nerf guns and waterguns. In short the possibilities with the SUPAIR IPS BUZZER edition are endless.

Are you interested in the Interactive Playsystem, but you want to buy the system stand alone? Not a problem, Order the standard set now!

The set contains:
• Scoreboard
• 10 HIT spots
• Charger for spots and scoreboard
• Transport case ( Dimensions 69x42x23cm )
• Weight:15 kg
Also available: IPS set HIT edition – 20 spots

Wireless and mobile interactive play system
The Interactive Play systems set is completely wireless. Because the scoreboard is compactly packed in a transport case the system is also very mobile.

IPS Spot Covers (resistant to paintballs, water and heat)
To ensure that the IPS spots are paintbals, water, foam and impact resistant, you can order these IPS Spot Covers.