From the company that invented the Inflatable Paintball Bunker


The Tactical Series is dedicated to scenario players (Paintball and Airsoft).

Once again the knowledge and unsurpassed quality of SUP'AIRBALL™ bunkers for a different crowd. Please your customers with easy to modify field layouts, safe bunkers and great designs. No more piles of old truck tires, rusty barrels and car wrecks that could be dangerous and endanger your business.



The Tactical Series is manufactured with our thickest fabric yet and a revolutionnary printing process: The camo pattern is printed within the fabric for a virtually scratch free and fade resistant design.
The Tactical bunkers can be connected to one another with a Quick Connect System, for fast assembly and modularity, or be self-standing.
6 different shapes are now available: Doorway, Window, High Wall, Low Wall, Wedge and Shield.
WPBO FIELDS These bunkers can cater to a large array of customers: Paintball, Airsoft, Laser, Law enforcement & military and finally Kids & Teens.
We created 2 sets of bunkers, the Command Post (4 bunkers) and the Outpost (6 bunkers), to allow you to get exactly what you need.
WPBO FIELDS Add a couple of them to an existing field or recreate a complete CQB environment. The choice is yours. SUP'AIRBALL™ tactical series, a force to "recon" with.